Waterproofing, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast strata & commercial

As strata or commercial property owners or managers, it’s what you all dread – a leak. Without attention, a leak can cause major (and expensive) damage to your property.


You may need protective waterproofing for your Sydney strata, commercial or residential property for a number of reasons, including:

  • Building movement
  • Incorrect application of the initial waterproofing layer
  • Poor workmanship
  • Incorrect or inferior product used for original waterproofing


Why choose easyTrades for waterproofing?

Our experience in difficult-access strata and commercial waterproofing jobs over 20 years means we have the team in place to complete your waterproofing job quickly with minimum disruption to owners and tenants. When we take on your project, we communicate often and give you a daily works schedule so you’ll know who should be on site – and when.


Your dedicated project manager means you don’t need to co-ordinate tradies. We have everything under control.


Waterproofing: More than leaks

Waterproofing your strata or residential property is a prudent move.


Sure, it isn’t as sexy as a new coat of paint but well-executed waterproofing will stop concrete cancer, bubbling paint and unhealthy environments for your family, owners and tenants. And we can’t paint over a damp surface. It would be a waste of our time and your money, as the paint would bubble or flake in weeks.



It isn’t just walls and roofs where leaks occur. Think about:

  • Planter boxes waterproofing
  • Roof top membranes waterproofing and drainage works
  • Balconies waterproofing and drainage works
  • Basement waterproofing and drainage works
  • Common areas in apartment blocks or commercial buildings 
Quality waterproofing products

We use only the latest technologies and products on the market, including torch-on membranes, liquid epoxy and water-based membranes, to make your property watertight in no time and ensure the treatment lasts longer.

Need to talk about waterproofing your property?

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