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Who to Call for Strata Waterproofing in Sydney


When you need a commercial or strata waterproofing project completed, call Easy Trades in Sydney first. Easy Trades provides waterproofing services as well as other remedial building repair services including interior and exterior painting. If you're seeing signs of water damage such as rotting floor coverings, metal corrosion, swelling or rotting timbers, blistering paint, or other signs, this is a good indication that you need waterproofing repairs pronto.


There are several reasons waterproofing failures typically occur, including settling of the building, old age of the existing waterproofing membrane, or a waterproofing system that was incorrectly installed in the first place, with incompatible material combinations, lack of attention to detail, or tradesmen with insufficient expertise. Easy Trades knows how to identify exactly what the problem is and which procedures and materials are needed to fix it - fast and at a great price. In fact, their price match guarantee means that you can't get a better price anywhere else.


And Easy Trades will only use the best materials such as membranes, coatings, and sealants to ensure your job is done right and future reoccurrences of the problem are prevented. This is a well-established company with licensed and insured professionals who know exactly what they're doing. Previously known as Paint Pro, the company has been in business for over 25 years. They will work with you to create an affordable and effective strata waterproofing solution that will protect and add value to your property. For commercial and strata waterproofing in the Sydney area, Easy Trades is the company you can count on.