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What to Do When You're Faced with Concrete Cancer in Sydney


Concrete and steel are today's go-to building materials, mainly because of their versatility and strength. There are many benefits to building with these materials, but they come with a downside as well. If the steel reinforcing is not properly encapsulated, moisture can become a major problem. Concrete cancer, or spalling, is a type of damage that occurs when the steel in the slab is exposed to moisture. A chemical reaction takes place between the water, the steel, and the concrete, resulting in rusting of the steel reinforcing. The steel expands as it rusts and pushes the concrete around it out of place.


Concrete cancer in Sydney buildings is, simply put, a safety hazard, as well as being an eyesore. Left untreated, it will cause structural problems with the building itself. When the damage is on a building façade, chunks of the brittle, cracking concrete can actually fall to the ground below, posing a danger to people and property that may be in the way. When spalling has occurred on a horizontal surface, it can compromise the building's waterproofing system, and the result is water leaking into the building.


The bottom line is that when you are faced with concrete cancer in Sydney, you should take steps to rectify the problem sooner rather than later. The damage will have to be repaired eventually, and doing it before it causes further problems will be much cheaper than if you wait until there are structural, waterproofing, or other problems too. For more information on concrete cancer in Sydney and the range of painting and other remedial repair services they offer, visit Easy Trades at